The summer is nearing its end, kids are in school and we’re getting prepared for hunting season. Now is a great time to work on your competitive game or experiment with new equipment.

The summer has been busy here at the club. Though the the summer is nearing its end, there are still plenty of activities available. Check out the calendar on the website for events that you’re interested in.

Every August brings new elections. This year we held elections for the executive board and four board positions. Here are the election results:

  • President: Mike Herman
  • Vice President: Steve Bachechi
  • Secretary: Will Hogrefe
  • Treasurer: Christina Stevens
  • Membership: Aaron Pelouze
  • Director (3 yr): Bobby Hale
  • Director (3 yr): Kelly Sol
  • Director (3 yr): Deb Petrouske
  • Director (1 yr): Mike Greer

[box type=”info”] The new board takes over on September 1, 2016.[/box]

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Dave Petrouske for his leadership as President the past two years. Thankfully, Dave will be on the board for another year as past president. Kelly Sol stepped down as treasurer, but will stay on the board as a delegate. Christina Stevens is taking over as treasurer. New board members are Deb Petrouske and Bobby Hale.

There are a variety of activities going on at the club. I hope your able to take advantage of them or get some quality training time in. I know I need it!

See you at the club,

Mike Herman