In State Buckles not picked up- available at Pikes Peak gun Club

HAA Steve- Eichler

HAA- Adrian Schmauch

HOA – Brexton Slaugh

Event 1-

Gregory Hines

Ken Miller

Sierra Wasserburger

Event 2-

Mike Warner

Event 3

Bryon Baca

Event 7

Martin Remedes

Philip Schmauch

Ron King

Colorado State Trophies Out Of State

Will be available at Pikes Peak Gun Club


Elizabeth Burdin

Duane Schmidt

Keith Batterton

MP Hill

Gary Burton

Dudley Clark or Mark Hamel tied

Russ Burton

Mark Hamel

Coins For Runner Up

Ernest Dudash, Steve Williams, Todd Whitaker, Rob Rimer, MP Hill, Keith Batterton, Mallory Stanton, Dan Vogel ,Zack Piancino, Charles Didomenico, Samantha Raingdon, Todd Whitaker, David Piancino, Stu Welton (Dudley Clark or Mark Hamel)tied

Contact PPGC and will mail at shooters expense