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Note from Leo:

Having heard from Gabby in bootcamp brought back many personal memories for me.

Being 18 in 1961 and entering Marine Corps Receiving Barracks, Recruit Training, Rifle Training, Combat Training, and the school was a very exciting time in my life. A little scary at times, but very very rewarding.

During that time we made new friends & acquaintances (some for life) but in a way it was also a lonely time with most of us being away from family for the first time.

I remember our first mail call being a time when many had tears in their eyes having heard from family.

Please take a few moments and drop her a line from “Family”

Thank you


Now, to Gabby’s letter, which was addressed to “Pikes Peak Family”

From Gabby

Dear Gun Club Family,

I hope everyone is doing well. I miss you all so much. Maybe not the boys (haha) I am just kidding. How is summer league going? I absolutely wish I was out there, it is very humid out here and it is not what I am use to. I just started actual basic this last Wednesday. I was stuck in processing days for a week. The first couple nights were overwhelming, but I just think of all of you back home! I wanted to see if I could get Mike to print the pictures we took and send them to me. I am aloud to have pictures. (Only appropiate ones) The food is pretty nice here, I was excpecting fake food. I can’t wawit to graduate and get through A school so I can come visit! I graduate July 15th, it will be on Facebook and another website (that I will give you) live stream. So you can watch me graduate. I am in the marching band as well. Anyways, I will let you get back to “work”. Talk to you soon, love you all ! πŸ™‚ !

P.S. Feel free to share my address πŸ™‚ love to hear from all!!!


Gabby Painter <3

So there you have it. Gabby is doing very well, and we are all so proud of here. If anyone would like to send Gabby a letter, please get in touch and we can provide her address.

Thank you everyone for the support you have given and that we know you will continue to give Gabby as she goes through this process!