The August BOD meeting will be held at the clubhouse on August 18, 2018 at 2pm.

PPGC IWL #34 will be holding the elections for the executive BOD members and some other open positions on the BOD. on Saturday the 18th of August. Please join us at the club for a BBQ lunch for members and to meet the BOD runners. If you would be interested in joining the BOD of Pikes Peak Gun Club, contact the current President Mike Herman via email ( to be added to the ballot. As a member of the club you can run for any position available. Only active members can vote on Saturday the 18th.

You MUST be present to vote. No Proxy Voting Allowed.

There will be a Member Appreciation Lunch provided (free of charge) on Saturday 8/18. We will be serving hot dogs and hamburgers with sides, prior to the elections.

See you there.


Board Members up for reelection (4):
Position:                                            Nominee:
Richard Chenoweth (8/31/2018):      Richard Chenoweth
Robert Butler (8/31/2018):                Robert Butler
Bill Dittenhoter (8/31/18):                  Bill Dittenhoter
Open (8/31/2019)

EC Nominations
Position:                                           Nominee:
President                                          None
Vice President                                  Robert Butler
Secretary                                          Richard Chenoweth
Membership Secretary                     Aaron Pelouze
Treasurer                                          None