Pikes Peak Gun Club is one of the largest shooting facilities in the state of Colorado.  Of special interest is the long tradition of Trap-Shooting at the club and the outstanding variety of facilities we offer for the experienced trap shooter or the first-time enthusiast who wants to learn more about this exciting sport.

Our Trap Ranges employ 14 state-of-the-art separate trap fields with Pat-Trap machines for American Trap, from 16 yards back to 27 yards with Canterbury voice call systems.  The targets are thrown going away from the shooter at a speed of 38-42 mph. This is a great way for someone who is new to shotgun shooting to learn how to enjoy this exciting and fun sport!

American Skeet shooting is also an exciting way for individuals to enjoy another type of clay sport shooting. Skeet targets are thrown laterally across the field in front of the shooter. These targets travel at a speed of 40mph and provide a wide array of shooting angles on a target. We have three Skeet fields that feature Beomat machines and one Skeet field with Mattarelli machines for both American and International Skeet, which is another Olympic sport. Conducted on the same layout as American Skeet, it includes a slightly different set of rules with the targets traveling at a speed of 60mph! 

For the advanced trap shooter who wants more of a challenge, we have one International Bunker trap field. This style of trapshooting is the style of shooting done in the Olympics. Our bunker features 15 pneumatic Rossini machines which throw targets away from the shooter at a speed of 68-72 mph! Finally, we have one 5-stand field, a fast-paced and exciting game. We also offer a shotgun patterning station for the shotgun shooter who wants to check out those different chokes and learn more about their firearm.