Have you considered testing your handgun skills beyond just shooting static paper targets?  Have you wondered how well you might perform in a dynamic situation, with movement, walls, and time pressure?  Then International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) matches are for you!  IDPA emphasizes the ‘defensive’ side of competitive handgun shooting with realistic scenarios that will challenge your notions of what “a day at the range” really means.

PPGC hosts a Front Range IDPA match on the third Sunday of every month (weather permitting).  We run five Courses of Fire at each match.  The COFs range from basic “standards” drills to complex scenarios that will exercise your problem solving skills.  Almost any handgun can find a home in one of the several divisions and a match can be shot with fewer than 150 rounds.  Other equipment requirements — like holsters, magazine pouches,  and extra magazines — are specified to keep things simple and low-cost.  New shooters will need to attend the Match Conduct Safety Course (MCSC) on the morning of their first match.

So get your handgun ready and join us for a fun, challenging, and safe day on the range!

IDPA: https://www.idpa.com/

Front Range IDPA: www.fridpa.com